James Marsh & Andrea Riseborough Talk About The Collaborative Spirit In Making 'Shadow Dancer'

The Playlist:
It's impossible to see “Shadow Dancer,” James Marsh's adaptation of the thriller by Tim Bradby without being immediately drawn to Andrea Riseborough and her infamous red raincoat. As Colette McVeigh, she's engrossed within her family's own dealings with the IRA during the peace process and becomes an unwitting mole for the MI-5 in order to be with her son. It’s a crackling slow burn thriller (our review here) that not only finds the director once again in new territory, but also showcases the rising actress as the real deal.

The Playlist joined press to speak with Marsh and Riseborough the day after “Shadow Dancer” won over crowds at the Sundance Film Festival. The duo discussed the nature of Colette, dealing with multiple shoots and how she slips in and out of her roles.

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alycakes3424d ago

When I first saw the name of this movie I dismissed it and then I read a little the second time and saw that it was a spy thriller and it had me hooked.

Once it involves MI-5 and the IRA or and Government agency and MI-5....I'm interested. This sounds like and probably is fiction but so much does happen in real life.