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Ryan Reynolds Says 'R.I.P.D.' Plot Is Set Up For A Sequel

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If all goes according to plan, Ryan Reynolds' biggest comic book movie series might not be "Green Lantern" after all -- the actor just wrapped "R.I.P.D." this weekend, and he told The Playlist that the film is set up for a sequel.

"I'm a little slurry right now," Reynolds joked on Saturday, after having wrapped the film that morning in Boston and driven straight to New York to talk to press about the upcoming "Safe House." "Being on set was incredible, because it's a movie project that I've been with for years and believed in. Being able to stick with it is half the battle," he says of the comic movie.

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alycakes3424d ago

If this does happen it will make me a very happy person. I love this type of movie with this type of story line. It is just crazy enough and the characters are different enough to keep me entertained.

I know I'm going to like it and probably want more.

Blink_443423d ago

Cool, first time hearing about this

alycakes3423d ago

This one has been going on for a while now and it's going to be really good. Did you read what it was about? It's kind of a crazy plot but very interesting.

Blink_443423d ago

yeah it seems very interesting and it looks like the movie has a lot of good actors in it. should turn out good.