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Special Edition 'The Avengers' 3D Glasses to Be Offered at Participating Theaters

The Collider:
As audiences continue to be wary of the ever-increasing amount of 3D movies thrown their way, studios and exhibitors are looking for new reasons their films must be seen in the third dimension. Lucasfilm and AMC Theaters are offering podracer 3D glasses for Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, and now Marvel is hopping onboard the personalized specs train. The studio will be offering special edition 3D glasses at participating theaters for the upcoming release of The Avengers. You can choose to rock Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, or Captain America specialized glasses while oogling the all-star superhero movie. The glasses will cost an extra $5 in ticket price, but you’ll be able to sport your super cool specs at many 3D movies to come. Presumably they’re a little more durable than the typical Real D glasses, making them fashionable and necessary.

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alycakes3424d ago

This is going to be so cool. I can't wait. I think they will be for sale for about $5 dollars and if they are and have a good selection it would be so nice to have one of each.

DarkBlood3424d ago

looks cool i hope they bring them to cineplex in ontario i love colour red could do without the silver on thor but cap america is my favourite so far i think

so i will suck it up and pick the blue one if they do come here thor glasses is second choice

alycakes3423d ago

I want the Iron Man and Capt America at least...if I can get're way up there where it's cold...I can't handle the cold..good luck getting yours when they come out.

DarkBlood3423d ago

oh i cant handle the cold either lol i only train my self to handle a certain amount before

my hands start getting so cold that they start to feel like they are getting cut but thats obviously because i didnt wear any gloves when going to the gym

but im actually near the lake of ontario a boat ride from there would get me to new york city

LettingGo3423d ago

Awesome! If only we had an AMC. -_-

darklordzor3422d ago

Well, at least I'll get to keep these instead of having to get rid of them. I wonder if they'll let you choose which one you get, or if they just hand them out at random.

alycakes3422d ago

I think they will be for sale so you get to choose if they have a large selection and they will also have regular 3D for regular movie watching. They aren't going to give them away for movie goers I don't think.

darklordzor3422d ago

Even so, I'm more excited about the Darth Maul 3D glasses we'll be getting ;)

alycakes3422d ago

Which ones are the Darth Maul 3D?

aDDicteD3422d ago

i think that glasses is for the phantom menace 3d,,

3422d ago
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