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Katherine Heigl: In Defense Of Her Supposedly Dying Career

MovieFone: What does Hollywood think of Katherine Heigl? "She's not on any lists at all," one anonymous "top talent agent" said to Vulture recently. "She's on a respirator. She's not the girl anymore." As Vulture points out, studio executives think Heigl is less bankable than such contemporary leading ladies as Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst. Except maybe they're wrong? At least you could make that argument following the surprisingly decent box-office returns for "One For the Money," a bomb-in-waiting that Lionsgate rescheduled twice before Heigl opened it to around $11.75 million this weekend. Not bad! Especially considering the unanimous negative reviews and overall apathy about the project.

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alycakes3419d ago

I don't think her career is that much in jepordy if she would just get away from makeing the same type of movie over and over. All she's doing now is the same thing Jennifer Annisten does....Romantic Comedies....or what some call Chick Flicks.

I myself never go see romantic comedies. I'll go see a comedy and if they put a little romance in there fine but it has to be more comedy like Horrible Bosses.

Heigl is only doing Romantic Comedies, even this last one about a bounty hunter is a romantic something different.