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First Footage From Step Up 4 Released

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Summit Entertainment has brought online this "Announcement Piece" for Step Up 4 showing the first footage from the July 27 release. Directed by Scott Speer, the film stars Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman and Stephen Boss.

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darklordzor3424d ago

Sorry, but I have to say it...Who cares! Seriously, who in the world really cares about seeing a fourth Step Up movie. It makes me so sad to see a film series like this keep making money...when almost no one goes to see something brilliant like Scott Pilgrim. Rant over.

DarkBlood3424d ago

not stereotyping on purpose the truth be told theres more of those kind of people compared to those who would see something like scott Pilgrim and so forth

in otherwords im with ya not interested in seeing another dance number film, know how they usually turn out anyways but im also contradicting my self when i say that lol

LettingGo3423d ago

I absolutely LOVE Scott Pilgrim. It's possibly my favorite movie and definitely should have won best movie that year. Either that or Kickass. Both were brilliant, in my eyes.

That being said...the dancing in Step Up 3 was freaking awesome! I didn't see Step Up 1 or 2 because I was never interested in them. I saw Step Up 3 as a joke with a friend. We usually see bad movies for a good laugh, like Jack and Jill. :) I was surprised how much I enjoyed Step Up 3. Yes, the acting was sub-par for the most part, but the main kid has talent. They can all dance like crazy! I loved that about the movie. The main plot was actually fairly intriguing as well, with a nice twist at the end to keep you entertained. I'm probably not seeing Step Up 4, but still. I wanted to let you know that it wasn't completely crap.

alycakes3423d ago

I totally agree with you but the story was there. I haven't seen any of the Step Up movies. I don't know why people like them so much but they do make money. As for Scott Pilgrim...we loved was one of the best movies's just good to know that there are more of those type of movies to go see than the Step Up type.

darklordzor3423d ago

Yeah I think we can all agree that Scott Pilgrim is greatness. In fact, when my wife (about to be ex) sold all of my blu-ray collection out of was the first movie I re-bought.

3423d ago