Watch The Full Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Spot Featuring Matthew Broderick

CinemaBlend says

Super Bowl Sunday will inevitably be packed with starry, hilarious commercials, but it's probably going to be hard to beat this Honda ad, which as promised, brings back Matthew Broderick to play a grown-up version of Ferris Bueller. Well, it seems he's actually just playing Matthew Broderick, playing hooky from his job as a Hollywood actor, but Broderick has taken his Ferris duties very seriously, as you can see in the ad below.

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Crazay3089d ago

That ad was spectacular. Very very strong effort by Honda.

alycakes3089d ago

Great commercial...always loved Ferris...he's a righteous dude!

edwest3089d ago

"I could be the walrus".

Crazay3089d ago


That movie is filled with so many classic lines.

PS3DOESIT4ME3089d ago

I was so hoping for a sequel...Good ad though

Deadpool6163089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Sequel would probably just reference everything from first movie anyway. Although, that doesn't mean I wouldn't watch it. ;)

Best advertisement I've seen in a long time. Excellent job know what people like.

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