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EW - 'Jersey Shore': Me Against the World: The Sammi Sweetheart Story Review

EW - Boss Danny could sense that something was amiss in the Shore House. Ever since the departure of humble Vin-Vin, the housemates had lost their moral compass. (Also, the median IQ dropped at least 40 points when Vinny left.) The Situation had run away from home to hide in his tree house and cry. When Danny walked into the living room, he could see signs of degradation everywhere. Snooki and Deena were playing the Burp game, which is when two people burp into each other's mouth. (Loser vomits first!) Pauly D was over in his Sneaker Colony, shining his beautiful shoes while mumbling quietly to himself, "Maybe Vinny left because my shoes were dirty. If only I make my shoes clean, Vinny will come home." Sammi and Ronnie appeared to be in a wholly functional relationship. It was horrible.

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