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EW - 'Fringe' Recap: Still Life With Doomed Souls

EW: Emily Mallum was a girl with a haunted, beautifully alien face – her dark saucer eyes and line-thin mouth and way young voice belonged to an anime waif, not a flesh and blood human being – and an extraordinary gift for drawing that portended a promising artistic career. She had another talent, too, one that portended a less desirable outcome for many, including Emily herself. Like some grim and gothy art school Cassandra, the creepy little girl was prone to receiving prophetic visions of death. She was a human antenna, wired to attract a very specific kind of emergency broadcast signal from the future.

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alycakes3419d ago

Well, I bought my 3rd season yesterday even though I'm disappointed in this season. I think they may be at the end of their time with maybe one more year left...I don't know.