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AV Club: Man On A Ledge Review

AV Club: It is generally a fair proposition to accept the basic premise of a film, no matter how ludicrous, and see where the filmmakers take it. (And sometimes ludicrousness is the point, for instance in the Crank movies.) So Man On A Ledge should be allowed to build on the following foundation: Ex-cop Sam Worthington, sent to jail for stealing a $40 million diamond breaks out, checks into a Manhattan high-rise hotel, and climbs out onto a 25th-floor ledge, all in an elaborate effort to distract the authorities from something else happening across the street. Credulity is stretched nearly to the breaking point here: Worthington has chosen the least-efficient way imaginable to prove his innocence. And yet we must generously accept the plan and see how it develops, because it may be more ingenious than it sounds—or, in the Crank example, more transcendently silly than it sounds.

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