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AV Club: One For The Money Review

AV Club: The first novel in Janet Evanovich’s bestselling Stephanie Plum series has been in development as a film for nearly 20 years, which is apparently how long it took for everything to turn out horribly wrong. The casting of Katherine Heigl, one of the least-gritty actresses on the planet, as rough-and-tumble Stephanie Plum, a laid-off lingerie saleswoman who discovers a surprising aptitude for bounty hunting, isn’t the biggest problem with One For The Money, but it’s a good place to start. As concessions to her blue-collar character, Heigl drops her G’s and throws in the occasional nasal vowel, but she never demonstrates the bottomless determination that’s meant to offset Stephanie’s total inexperience, nor can she make her ineptitude charming. Heigl’s comic timing is solid, and she knows her limitations well enough, but there’s a hollowness at the movie’s center, right where Heigl’s heart should be.

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