Nerd Vice Review - "Underworld: Awakening"

Back in 2003, writer-director Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4.0, Total Recall (2012)) brought to the big screen a new take on some classic movie monsters in the form of Underworld, a dark noir tale of vampires fighting a war against the werewolves – “Lycans” as they are referred to throughout the movie. This movie was, at heart, a new-age horror movie looking to breathe life into some of these classic, but underutilized characters.

Fast forward to 2012 and we now have had both a sequel and prequel to the original movie. Now we have Underworld: Awakening added to the lineup. This movie sees Wiseman hand over the director’s reins to a Swedish duo, Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, both of whom have previously worked on many Swedish TV shows as a directing duo.

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alycakes3426d ago

Two weekends have gone by and I've yet to go see this. I said I wouldn't do this anymore and here I am doing it...waiting on my husband. If it's a sunny week I think I'll just have to go on my own.

Blink_443426d ago

lol i hate that, if i don't see a movie on the opening weekend i probably won't see it because of all the different movies coming out that i want to see.

alycakes3426d ago

I bugs me too. I wanted to wait on him because it's the only vampire movie he likes but now I'm just going to see it with a friend or my sister this week.

We have this set deal...when we see previews I look at him and he says yes or no which means yes I want to see it or no..go see it without me.