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Red-Band Trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s 'God Bless America'

The Collider:
Twisted young talent Bobcat Goldthwait was one of the premier stand-ups of the 1980s. Sadly, when it came time to do movies, his awkward, is-someone-murdering-a-cat delivery didn’t translate too far outside the Police Academy series. But a few years ago, something unexpected happened: the loud, spastic comedian morphed into a quietly acclaimed writer and director of pitch black comedies like the sublime World’s Greatest Dad.

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alycakes3425d ago

I personally as a parent and a very protective person for my family and friends do not like to see movies like this being made but of course I know that everyone has the right to express their art in whatever way they see fit.

MinimeJer053424d ago

LOVED World's Greatest Dad. CANNOT wait for this. Love me some dark comedies.

alycakes3423d ago

I'm really not that bad because I do like dark comedies but I just hope younger kids don't get in to see them by accident.

MinimeJer053423d ago

While I completely understand what you're getting at, I am of the belief that it this kind of stuff has more impact on the child due to their actual raising.

My parents were very flexible when it came to watching movies at a young age. They sat me down and explained to me in detail what movies are and that they're not real or meant to be reinacted.

So I grew up on gory R-rated films full of sex and violence and I had no problem understanding that movies are entertainment and not real.

I think this is the type of film that you shouldn't show a 7 year old, but at 11 I was probably watching stuff of this level of maturity and I had no problems.