Top 5 Performances Dismissed By The Academy

With the Academy accused of ‘playing it safe’ with this year’s Oscars shortlist, FMV Magazine's Simon Collings takes a look at the performances that have controversially failed to win an Academy Award in the past.

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alycakes3425d ago

There are always those that they forget or overlook. I do know that they usually over look good performances in comedy or good performance in just your regular action packed drama. They mostly like period pieces, true stories, historical epics, etc

Blink_443425d ago

I think the academy is accused every year of 'playing it safe'....

Bathyj3425d ago

Dont get me started on The Academy.

Ever since Edward Norton missed out on Best Supporting Actor for Primal Fear, they've held no credibility for me.

The Gong went instead to Cuba Gooding Jr for Jerry Maquire. A decent role, but nowhere near the calibre of Nortons.

At the time everyone was complaining how black people never won oscars for acting, and "Show me the money" was the popular catch phrase. Its was such a token vote.

Total rip off.