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Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Nicolas Cage continues his career as a critic-defying lovable loon, and I just don’t get his popularity. After many years in the video retail/rental industry, I can honestly say that probably close to 80% of the movie watching population loves Nic Cage. Look around, and you’ll see the hate, but the hate is so passionate, so feverish, that they’ve seen every one of his films. The dangerous thing about these people is they do just that, which includes watching stuff like Drive Angry 3D (which I enjoyed in a “this is like a shitty From Dusk Till Dawn 4th sequel” kind of way), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (where he literally changes accent and acting style in every single scene), and now, Seeking Justice."

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I have to say I do love Nick Cage and I do watch his movies but I don't go see all of them. There have been a few that I've seen clips or trailers of that I didn't care to go see the whole movie. I do think he doesn't get enough credit for his acting though. He really is a great actor.