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The Daily Rotation - Albert Nobbs Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Albert Nobbs is a 19th century period piece about a woman who is forced to live as a man. Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) who has been living in secrecy for the past thirty years as a man is now facing the dilemma of finding herself. She wants to live free and be able to support herself as a women. However she knows that as of now she has to stay being the man that everyone thinks she is otherwise she stands the chance of losing her job as a butler. Not only does Nobbs want to support herself as a women she finds a new love interest (Mia Wasikowska) that has her struggling to keep up everything she has built over the years.

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SRC3425d ago

Not sad that I didn't rush to cover this one.

alycakes3425d ago

Me either....I'm just not a big fan of this type of movie anyway but I've never really been a big Glenn Close fan either.

3424d ago