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Chuck Series Finale - A Real Happy Ending

Luke Halliday writes: "When I think of what constitutes good television, I often struggle to voice my feelings regarding what makes some shows simply better than others. What is it that makes Breaking Bad so good? What is it that makes The Wire so good? But more importantly, what is it that makes Chuck so good? After watching Chuck’s series finale tonight, I believe that I now understand what it is that makes these series so good – they have soul."

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masterabbott3431d ago

Never been a fan of Chuck. but good to see it had a happy ending.

futurefrog3431d ago

Yes it was an awesome ending. Had me in tears at times even!

radman3431d ago

I was bawling my eyes too man :(

alycakes3431d ago

It was okay and yes it was sad and happy in a way but to me everyone had their happy ending except Chuck and Sarah. He has to go thru the process all over again to make her fall in love again and remember everything again. Just because he kissed her at the end they expect us to presume that she remembered....yeah! happy ending! However, things just don't happen like that so in my mind....he's got a long year or two ahead of him to work on his relationship again.

futurefrog3431d ago

The happiness behind it is that even though another obstacle has gotten in their way, Chuck will make her fall in love with him all over again :)

pr0digyZA3431d ago

I loved the ending.I would have thought it was too cheesy if she suddenly remembered everything. From what was shown in the episode she was subconsciously getting her memory back, and over time I personally believe it will all come back. Great tv shows are the ones that you'll remember long in the future, and with an ending that makes you think and make up your own mind it was perfect. Enjoyed the years with the show (makes me want to wipe my memory so that I can experience it all for the first time again ;)

futurefrog3431d ago

I want to wipe my memory and experience it all again as well haha

radman3431d ago

I agree, would have been too easy and unrealistic if she suddenly remembers it all. Very pleased with this ending.

Pikajew3430d ago

I liked the ending. I was happy they didnt make it with any of them dying

3430d ago
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