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Bradley Cooper Says 'Paradise Lost' Is On Track To Start Shooting In June

The Playlist - Bradley Cooper seems to making all the right moves of late. He wasn't an instant A-lister; his career saw him working away on TV shows like "Alias" and "Kitchen Confidential" before a supporting performance in "Wedding Crashers" put him on track to bigger things, with the smash comedy hit "The Hangover" finally providing him with the right stuff. Since that film, other than a blip with "The A-Team" (which can't really be blamed on him), he's been making sound choices; a giant sequel to "The Hangover," and a surprise hit, "Limitless," sold entirely on his name.

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alycakes3432d ago

This is actually great news. I have been wondering when they were going to get this project going. I do want to see the outcome of this film. It is something that I think is going to be a great movie. The subject matter is very interesting and the type that always make for good action and drama and sometimes even horror.