IGN - The Big Bang Theory: "The Beta Test Initiation" Review

IGN - "The Beta Test Initiation" starts off with one of the season's funnier gags, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler shooting a video blog titled "Fun with Flags." It's interrupted, quite sadly, by the episode's primary plot, which involves Leonard and Penny dating, and going through many of the same arguments they had over the first few seasons. Another subplot in tonight's fast-paced episode had Raj getting an iPhone 4S and falling in love with the phone's voice command personal assistant, Siri.

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alycakes3427d ago

As usual these guys keep me stitches. This was so funny with the lists that Penny and Lenoard made....not a good idea. And the flag podcast was hysterical too. I hope this show just goes one forever or at least til I expire.