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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Liam Neeson

LRA writes: Despite being a very prestigous actor with many accolades to his name and a great body of work it wasn't until 2008's Taken was released that he started down the path of becoming a true triple A Hollywood actor. I have always like Liam Neeson, ever since I first saw him in the horribly cheesy but very ambitious (for it's time that is) 80's fantasy flick Krull. Although he has played in some fantastic films over his career, like most film stars he also played part in some not so good films. But even in those lesser works he was never the problem, he would always make the best out of a bad situation. In probably his most recognized role (unfortunately) as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode 1, he took a horribly bland character and gave it some dignity. Even when Qui-Gon would make a stupid decision somehow Neeson made it seem like the most logical choice at the time (although that effect wore off after multiple viewings). He does that for all his roles, he never fails to give 110% and I cannot think of one time where it felt like he was phoning it in. He may have only just become the super star he should have been years ago but at least he is still hard at work giving us some great films. Here are my five picks for Liam Neeson's best films to date.

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alycakes3424d ago

I would have been upset if Rob Roy hadn't been mentioned but it was. That was when I first started likeing him. He's a wonderful actor and I like most of his movies. I have to admit I haven't seen all of them but most of them.

jony_dols3423d ago

How about his performances in Micheal Collins, Batman Begins, Gangs of New York or Kinsey?

None of which are in this top 5!

aDDicteD3424d ago

dont know about the kingdom of heaven, he is just a supporting role in that film