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A Chat with “Justified’s” Neal McDonough


As FX’s critically-acclaimed drama “Justified” returns for a third season, it will be very difficult for some fans to imagine the world of Harlan County, Kentucky, without its beloved and feared crime matriarch Mags Bennett. Margo Martindale‘s Emmy-winning role was so emotionally affecting that to call Mags a tough act to follow is beyond an understatement.

To meet that challenge this season, “Justified’s” executive producer Graham Yost is serving up not one, but two new crime bosses. Neal McDonough plays one of those heavies, a smooth-talking Detroit criminal named Robert Quarles. Quarles wears expensive suits and has a glaring white smile, and between that and his go-getter attitude, he is utterly frightening.

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alycakes3432d ago

Glad to hear about the movie finally getting started soon. Time does fly afterall. Looking forward to the second one in 2013 as well as Iron Man 3.

This guy is the a very 'bad guy' in Justified this season so I'm not likeing him much right now.