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Paul Giamatti Says ‘The Goon’ Ran Out of Money, Warner Bros. Kills ‘Elfquest’

/Film - It’s a sad day for comic book fans, as we get updates that suggest two long-gestating adaptations, David Fincher‘s The Goon and Rawson Thurber‘s Elfquest, are no longer happening. Sure, they could get revived somewhere down the line — crazier things have happened — but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hit the jump for updates.

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alycakes3432d ago

Why do they keep starting things they can't finish? They spend so much money doing that. I'll bet if they would use the money they waste doing that and apply it to the really good ones that need to be made and finished sooner, we'd have better made movies and all these studios wouldn't be crying that they ran out of money.