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Best Cross-Dressers in the Movies

IGN - Dragging up's been a central strand of acting since long-before his Royal bard-ness William Shakespeare made it a staple. This continues into the movies, whether it's the heavy lifting thesping workout – Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank and John Hurt have all won big following a little strap and stuff, or Eddie Murphy and Martine Lawrence turning profitable sidelines out of a fat suit and falsies. More usually though, it's just played for a little comedy shock value: Robert De Niro, Bugs Bunny and even Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever have all applied lippy for a laugh. Adam Sandler is very much in the latter camp in his latest film, Jack and Jill, shovelling on the slap to play his own twin sister. Shakespeare would have been so, so proud.

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alycakes3425d ago

Michael Cain was creepy in his...I've seen that movie and he doesn't make a pretty lady just a creepy looking one.

Blink_443425d ago

lol that picture scares me

alycakes3425d ago

It was a weird movie....