'The Office' Spin-off Being Considered at NBC

THR - Reports of NBC eyeing a potential spin-off centered around Rainn Wilson’s quirky Dwight Schrute character are indeed true, according to a well-placed source. The idea would be to further explore the Shrute family farm, with multiple generations of Schrutes involved. The comedy concept could get a test of sorts on an episode of The Office later this season.

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Blink_443430d ago

This could be good, but it would be said to see dwight leave the office...he's pretty much the funniest character left

IWentBrokeForGaming3430d ago

I haven't wanted to watch the office since Steve left... it just didn't feel the same!

last episode I ever watched of the show was when steve met will ferrel... haven't went back since!

newn4gguy3430d ago

I don't live anywhere near the ocean and I can still see sharks jumping.

tunaks13429d ago

what they need to do is give the boot to Robert, and write episodes that actually take place in the office, and try to follow the same structure of past episodes.

The show is spinning into oblivion and branching off is not gonna fix it.

Blink_443429d ago

I'm hoping robert gets better...last weeks episode was a start.