New Promo Art Posters For 'The Avengers' Revealed

Seemingly purchasable for display on your wall, among other places, make the jump and check out somewhat new promo art posters for Marvel's The Avengers movie, one of which is in 3D!

As we await live-action posters, more merchandising promotional artwork have been revealed for Marvel's big-screen assembly, The Avengers. Thanks to BAILY for the heads up, the following posters are being sold via Trends International for wall displays. With one being sold and displayed in 3D, check out the posters below!

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alycakes3430d ago

These are so cool....especially the 3D one. When I first scrolled down I thought I was getting dizzy. I think I'm going to have to get me one of those for sure.

aDDicteD3429d ago

cool posters, specially the 3d one,, like it ^_^

alycakes3429d ago

It does look so good moving like it does. It really took me by surprise. I just have to have that one.