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IGN - Justified: "Cut Ties" Review

IGN - The dialogue has improved a lot since Justified began. Winona Hawkins (Natalie Zea) and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) have a natural, seamless way of conversing that distracts from whatever they're actually saying. Her snarkiness matches his. It's been subtle, but well done. While the scenes in the past two episodes haven't been anything serious and the arc from last season seemed like a fish out of water way to get them back together, we've gotten a pretty good idea of why they got married. He protects and helps her, though she's strong on her own; she can handle his ruthlessness and gun-first ways (and even murdering someone in front of her). They both use their senses of humor to protect themselves. They're both smarter than the average bear, but can do some not-so-smart things. That's what we got in the intro to this one.

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alycakes3425d ago

All his shows are good...but this one surprised me. I thought Crowder wanted the other guy that shot Ava at the end of last season to kill him and he was in the jail. Now I know that wasn't the case.....pretty sneaky Crowder.