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Evangeline Lilly Talks 'Real Steel' (Now on Blu-ray) And Playing a Warrior Elf in 'The Hobbit'

A quick glance at Evangeline Lilly’s IMDb page reveals a filmography that’s surprisingly short on quantity. But look at what is there: a groundbreaking and beloved TV series (Lost), a Best Picture winner (The Hurt Locker), and, oh, a tiny two-movie project known as The Hobbit.

Last year, Lilly starred in the robot-boxing family film Real Steel, which earned nearly $300 million worldwide and received an Oscar nomination yesterday for its motion-capture visual effects. She played Bailey, the former girlfriend of Charlie (Hugh Jackman) who now owns the boxing gym he frequently visits.

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alycakes3433d ago

The reason her acting history is short is because she was going to college when she was discovered and started her career on Lost. She actually thought about not acting at all after Lost but I guess she changed her mind but I think she's making some good choices when she is taking roles. I really do like her and I hope she continues to do well.

DarkBlood3432d ago

ah i knew i remeber this from some other article mentiong the actress's that didnt quite make it big

3432d ago