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Walton Goggins Talks Justified Season 3, Lincoln, And G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The Collider:
Walton Goggins is one of my absolute favorite actors, and people, on the planet. After playing the always riveting and often explosive Detective Shane Vendrell on The Shield, he went on to accomplish the impossible by topping that performance with his current one as the enigmatic Boyd Crowder on the FX drama series Justified, opposite Timothy Olyphant. And when he’s not on that show, he’s mixing it up with various roles in feature films, in genres that are all over the map.

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alycakes3434d ago

Goggins is one of the best character actors out there right now and very memorable. You just never forget him once he's played a part that you liked him in.

I know he was in the Sheild but I never really got into that and I remember some small parts on tv and movies but when he got on Justified he started a role that is unforgettable. I still like seeing him in the movie roles he chooses like when he was in Cowboys and Aliens but the role on Justified is his best one so far (in my eyes anyway).

3433d ago