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New Trailer and Poster for 'Seeking Justice' Starring Nicolas Cage

The Collider:
The first US trailer and poster for the thriller Seeking Justice have been unveiled. The plot concerns a happily married man who enlists the help of a dangerous underground vigilante operation when his wife is brutally attacked. He soon finds out that he’s in over his head, as the vigilante syndicate has bigger plans in mind as part of his repayment for their services. The trailer is pretty much what you’d expect from an action-thriller starring Nicolas Cage. There’s nothing particularly new or interesting here, and January Jones is quickly becoming the go-to actress for the part of “traumatized wife.” Time will tell if Guy Pearce’s charisma is enough to carry the film, but based on this first look I’m not entirely sold that Seeking Justice is worth checking out (though Cage’s facial hair makes a strong case for the contrary).

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alycakes3429d ago

It is your typical Nick Cage action drama but it looks pretty good by what the trailer is showing. I think it's one of those that's fraustrating and yet you want to see what happens anyway and you want the good guy to win.

DarkBlood3429d ago

and the mustache came out of nowhere too if your going from ghost rider to this lol

alycakes3429d ago

Yeah...but I kinda like it. He has to change it up a little.

Blink_443428d ago

Nic cage really needs a hit..

alycakes3428d ago

I'm hoping Ghostrider Spirit of Vengence is going to do that for him....I know I'm rooten for him on that one.

3428d ago