Terminator 5 Rated 'R'

Terminator Fans says

The owner of Terminator Megan Ellison responded to us on Twitter: : @meganeellison We hope you can bring this franchise back from the brink of PG-13 HELL!

Megan Ellison : @terminatorfans We can't really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.

There you have it! We have been promised a 5th R Rated Terminator movie Terminator Fans!

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Crazay3429d ago

In my opinion this is fantastic news. I Really liked Terminator, T2 blew me away, 3 was decent and I liked how they made itso Judgement Day happened no matter what and Salvation was a really good entry into the series but an R rating could help make the next one incredible.

Kurylo3d3429d ago

3 was garbage.. and boring... Felt like it was meant for children.

Crazay3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Being able to break free from the restraints of a PG movie is a good thing. If you watch all 4 movies in order, it's easy to see where it went from being a hard edge Sci-Fi movie to a softer series and not that it was necessarily a bad thing but they were clearly restricted in what they could do.

Blink_443429d ago

I've only seen the bale movie, I should see them all

Captain Qwark 93429d ago


then you have not seen terminator, theres a reason that series is classic and it has nothing to do with T4, that movie was garbage

krazykombatant3429d ago

WOHOOO, will Bale be back as John Connor? and I wonder what happened with those rumours way back about Sarah Connor coming back (I don't think she should).

Crazay3429d ago

I don't think he's coming back. I remember the rumors were something about taking place in the 80s when Sarah was dealing with the original Terminator. It could be sweet to see events taking place n parallel to the original.

krazykombatant3429d ago

It would be ridiculous to go back to the 80s..... There is no need to reboot the series with Sarah Connor again. If people want to know the story watch the classics, they're not bad.

I would prefer if they keep up with the future timeline.

Somebody3429d ago

Hope they continue where Salvation left off. During the course of 3 movies (and decades) they have been telling us about the heroic struggle by the humans during the post-apocalyptic war so it's about time they get the attention. Tired of seeing people running away. Time to see them fighting back. Time to see the Machines doing the running.

Explore that premise even further. Stop with the notion of a Terminator going back to the 80s. We've seen the Connors beat back mechanical assassins 3 times already. Now, let's see how they finally win the war. If they still need to keep the time travel bit, let Skynet from the further further future, send Terminators during Connors rise. Like in Salvation (even then Skynet sends an advanced one-of-a-kind Terminator back to the 80s/90s only to hibernate for decades). Let's see Skynet send Terminators from 2030 to reinforce the ones in 2010s. There would be still be time travel to add temporal plot twists.

Just stop going back to the 80s already.

Crazay3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

It wasn't about rebooting the series like that so much as it was to see another totally different series of events taking place during the same time-frame that we never saw.

Another frame of though/rumor would be to get Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor to interact at a different time as well. I'm not too keen on this idea.

mafiahajeri3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

See I never took the Terminator story line seriously it just doesnt make sence they need to get rid of the time travel thing in a way like future John destroying Skynets time machine permenanetly stoping them from going back to the past.

Even with that it doesnt make sence its a crazy paradox.

I also hope they bring somene else other than Bale. As much as I love christian Bale he doiesnt fit the character. Someone that looks like the guy that we see in the begining of T2 would be epic! that guy looked like a badass...

DarkBlood3429d ago

thats a funny thing the other time i was thinking about the whole series of other events based on the tv series

highly doubtfull but it would be cool to see a terminator "good one" stop a "bad" one from assisting or attempting to finish the job the original failed to do

but yeah this has me excited i know im going to like this as much as i do with terminator and terminator 2 and yes even salvation but i think that has to do with the digital cameo

super pumped this needs to go underway NOOOAWW

mafiahajeri3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Doubt bale is coming back its not Halycon or whatever their name is they got bankrupt so hes not under contract with the new producers.

Anyway the dude who directed the fast and furious movies Justin Lin is supposed to be the director but he got busy and since this producer ellison only has the rights for so long they might ditch him.

He suppsoeably talked with Cameron and Arnold who will be back for 5. Also yes they want to bring back Sarah conner which would really be a bad choice.

IMO Terminator 4 should have never happened it was nothing like how I imagined the future war would be and that McG clown didnt help either. The guy that directed/wrote 3 needs to be banned from ever making movies he ruined Arnolds last chance of making a badass Terminator movie.

On topic it being rated R is a great sign that they arent just in it for the money Salvation was PG13 for a reason as John conner would say "Eassssy Money"

Arnold needs to be in this movie also not just a CGI character but the star of this movie. Dont care if hes old give him a body suit and some makeup! Arnold cant end His Terminator franchise with the awful T3...

skyblue142133429d ago

I agree, terminator 3 was the pits and t 4 was not as bad as t 3 but it was not even close to being in the same league as terminator 1 and 2.

Also I read a while back when arnold's term was up concerning the governor seat that he expressed interest in going back into movie business so there is a good chance that he might star in the next terminator.

skyblue142133429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Linda Hamilton would have reprised her role in t3 if cameron were involved, but that never happened so she was did not want to be involved.

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3429d ago
MinimeJer053429d ago

THANK YOU! Now lets get production underway...

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