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'The Evil Dead' Remake Loses Lily Collins

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...and just like that, they've got to start over. Just a couple weeks after news first arrived that Lily Collins landed the lead in the Sam Raimi-produced, Diablo Cody-spruced-up "The Evil Dead" remake, she's left the project.

Variety's Jeff Sneider tweeted the news this afternoon, saying, " case you missed it, LILY COLLINS is OUT of THE EVIL DEAD reboot due to a scheduling issue.

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alycakes3432d ago

I'm sure they will find someone else but who? Lilly Collins is hot right now so for her to get out is not good for them.

IWentBrokeForGaming3432d ago

The fact they are remaking my most fav. movie franchise of all time has me extremely p!ssed off...

The remake wouldn't even garner any of the things that made this franchise a classic to begin with...

I completely hope this evil dead remake s#!t don't come to fruiition!

alycakes3432d ago

I'm sure it's going to happen but it's not going to be what everyone expects it to be. never know, you may like it even better. We all just have to wait and see what they come up with and keep an open mind until then.

newn4gguy3432d ago


It's just Lily Collins. It's not like they had Tom Hanks on board and he walked away...

contra1573432d ago

How much you want to bet the new one is not as scary as the original . why isnt Sam Raimi directing

alycakes3431d ago

I don't know why...looks like he's producing but don't know why he's not directing. Maybe it's too time consuming and he has too many other projects going.