'Touch' TV Series Preview


"Touch" is one of the most intricate, intelligent TV shows I've ever previewed. It features a dozen or so subplots all connecting to give you that "ah ha" moment at the end. It is sort like the movie "Babel," but more involved.

If you believe that nothing is an accident and that the universe -- through its patterns of numbers -- have a way to link us all, then "Touch" is that theory rolled into a TV series.

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alycakes3432d ago

This show starts tomorrow and I can't wait...I hope it's not a disappointment....not that Kiefer could be but the story line has to be clever and fresh to keep the fans watching so they don't cancel the show. I'm glad it's on Wednesday because that's the night that there isn't a lot going on except for Criminal Minds and wouldn't you know it...It's on at the same time.