TV Ratings: 'House' Returns on Top, 'Alcatraz' Has Solid Week 2

THR Live Feed:
ABC's "The Bachelor" jumps 13 percent from its previous outing, but Fox tops Monday.

House returned after a two-month break and finished as Monday's top-rated program.

Fox's medical drama ranked as the No. 1 telecast in primetime with less competition, as CBS aired a full night of repeats of its lineup. House (8.7 million total viewers, 3.1) was up 19 percent from the last original telecast that aired in late November and lured its biggest audience since the October season premiere.

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alycakes3431d ago

House did come back with a bang. The story was good and House was back to his old self and the episode was great. I also enjoyed Alcatraz very much. That show is going to be very successful if they just leave it in that time slot.

My Monday tv consists of House and Alcatraz on FOX, Castle on ABC, then to Being Human on SYFY....all very much worth watching.

MorningStar3430d ago

Yeah I thought exactly the same about House. The story really felt like the old house. Made me actually wish for another season if they could pull off that style again. The last season was a load of crap. House is better without any relationships otherwise he becomes all soppy.

Alcatraz is really good. At the end of the first episode I thought meh this could be really boring for a whole season. After watching the second one I was really hooked. Now having watched the third im still hooked. One thing that bothers me is Jorge Garcia being called "Doc" it doesn't really suit him in my opinion. Apart from that it is a really enjoyable show. I really like the flashbacks I think they are really good. The warden is really well played.

alycakes3430d ago

Garcia was better as Hurley on Lost. Doc doesn't fit....maybe it will grow on us with time.

MorningStar3430d ago

Yeah he was better on lost. He is good in this but my problem is the name he just doesn't seem like a "doc" character. To be honest the cast isn't anything special. Tell you what cast surprised me was Person of Interest them two are amazing.

Blink_443431d ago

alcatraz has been good so far