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Editors Corner: Rooting For Failure - Batman vs The Avengers

From TMP:

2012 is finally upon us and with it comes two films that comic book fans have been waiting a very long time for: The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. When marketing for both films started coming out this year, fanboys on both sides took to the various forums all over the Internet. The result are flame wars, a lot of mis-spellings and a bunch of unnecessary hate. The problem here, is it’s leaving large groups of people essentially hoping that a movie is going to fail. But as fans, is that really something we should do? In a shaky film industry, should we hope ANY film falls flat?

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darklordzor3426d ago

Honestly, I'm just tired of hearing everyone bitch. Seriously, I'm looking forward to BOTH of these films and hope they both exceed expectations. I don't really want either of them to 'win'.

3426d ago
shadow27973426d ago

What? I'm confused. Why would anyone want either of these movies to fail (they won't)? They're both going to be awesome. I don't know which one will be more awesome and I honestly don't care. I'm going to see both, and I'm super excited for them. Heck, I've got high hopes for Spiderman, too.

I can't believe people are childish enough to pick a "side". Since when can you only see one?