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Liam Neeson: 'Dark Knight Rises is a Secret'

Showbiz Spy says

LIAM Neeson has he’s returning to the Batman franchise but despite filming his comeback — he has no idea what’s in store for his character.

The Oscar winning star reprises his Batman Begins role of Ra Al Ghul in Dark Knight Rises but such was the secrecy on set he’s not likely to give away any plot spoilers.

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darklordzor3429d ago

Really awesome to get this confirmation that he'll be in the film, but it makes me wonder in what capacity. I mean, isn't Josh Spence there to do all of the Ra's flashbacks?

I guess it could be a flashback in a different time. Still it's pretty awesome that we'll be seeing him return at all.

gaden_malak3429d ago

If Nolan is completely true to the comics (which I doubt since he wants a more realistic batman world) then it is obvious that Ra's is not dead.

aDDicteD3429d ago

it's nice that he is returning,, maybe it'll be some flashbacks