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The 2012 Oscar Nominations

This morning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their nominations of 2011 film. This will be the 84th ceremony for the Academy. The show is planned to broadcast on February 26th hosted by ABC. The widely popular program will be aired nationwide and to a plethora of countries across the globe. Here are the nominations.

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JL3434d ago

Quite a few surprises here. First off, how in the world did Tintin get left out of the Animated Feature category? That's just ridiculous. I'd easily put that over Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots. Even over Rango (though it could hold its own). The other two I haven't seen, but Tintin should be in there.

Secondly, no Drive? I have yet to see it, but all the buzz it got and seeing how many sites and people named it their movie of the year, yet it gets not even a nomination (except for sound editing - that doesn't count)? Odd.

Also sucks to see Trent Reznor got no love. And obviously this won't be the year DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar. And only 2 nominees for Original Song? That's rather odd too. Not to mention, Shame didn't receive a single nomination (again, it's one I haven't seen but it's received tons of praise that I'd figure at least a nomination somewhere).

Fun little fact: This is the first time since the Animated Feature category began that Pixar has failed to receive an Oscar nomination when they had an eligible film. Granted they didn't get nominations in 2002 or 2005, but that's because they didn't release a movie that year. So, in other words, Cars 2 is the first Pixar movie to not be nominated for Best Animated Feature since the category was introduced.

Crazay3434d ago

Nice little fact there JL. Stupid Cars.

As for the nominations I see presented here I'm suddenly reminded why I only went to the theater twice in the last year. The fact that The Academy left Andy Serkis out of the noms is hardly surprising given how full of crap they are. His performance as Caesar was nothing short of spectacular and deserves to be rewarded. Seeing Tin Tin left out was a bit surprising to me as well especially since all I've heard from everyone is how much they enjoyed the movie and how incredible the animation was.

Looks like it's going to be another year I don't watch the show because I just don't care about a vast majority of the movies.

ToKillADuke3434d ago

It's getting pricy to attend the movies these days. But let me just remind you, that there're better films out there, if one decides to stray away from the mainstream.

Kur03434d ago

Tin Tin is ruled out because of the motion capture.

ToKillADuke3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Apparently you only receive 3 comments on here. I'd love to reply to you all.

I appreciate all the discussion occurring.

It's unfortunate the Oscars did such a lackluster job this year. We could go on and on about how many actors/actresses/ and films deserved to be rewarded.

Alas, we must live with what has transpired.

On the up side ... at least picking the winners should be a tad more difficult, considering the obscurity of some of the Academy's choices.

On the down side ... Oscar nominated Transformers: Dark of the Moon & Real Steel? Dear God.

Thank you for reading everyone.

JL3434d ago

Incorrect. Tintin was not disqualified. AMPAS approved it for eligibility last month (along with other mocap animated features Mars Needs Moms and Happy Feet 2).

It was just a flat-out snub.

RememberThe3573434d ago

Yeah how do Reznor and Ross get left out? That soundtrack was amazing. Good to see Mara getting props for her performance though.

ToKillADuke3434d ago

DRIVE is absolutely mesmerizing. Be sure to pick it up when released on DVD.

We should all agree that most of us here haven't seen and or heard of "A Cat In Paris" or "Chico & Rita". That's not to say they aren't of value, it's just peculiar.

No surprise on the Pixar front.

JL3434d ago

I'll definitely pick up Drive next week.

As for the two animated features mentioned, I have heard of them. However, I have seen neither. It's actually nice to see them go non-mainstream. Though I can't attest to if either is actually deserving of being nominated.

As for Pixar, I liked Cars 2 despite others ragging on it. Though don't think it would warrant a nomination. But I'm imagining Pixar will be right back as the front-runner at next year's Oscars given that Brave looks to be quality.

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3434d ago
alycakes3434d ago

Well...Drive was mentioned only in the Sound Editing section but nothing else.

I am glad they acknowledged Nick Nolte for his performance in Warrior because it was outstanding...JL is right about the animated section and about the muical score too...that is almost unbelievable.

JL3434d ago

Glad Nick Nolte got some love for Warrior too. In all honesty, I would've probably gave Tom Hardy (Warrior) the nod over Brad Pitt (Moneyball). Then again, DiCaprio should probably be over both of those. The rest of those Best Actor nominees I haven't seen, so I can't judge.

I'm so far behind this year. I still have to see a ton of those movies nominated here. Got a LOT of cramming to do between now and then.

alycakes3434d ago

Yes..Tom Hardy in Warrior was one of the best performances I've seen a long time. I'm just getting around to see Moneyball and like you, I have some more to catch up with before the big day.

MinimeJer053434d ago

One of the worst list of nominations ever. I sure hope The Descendants or Tree of Life wins the big ones, but I doubt that. The Artist will probably take 'em all.

Can't believe Gosling, Serkis and Fassbender got robbed of any nominations. Same goes for Albert Brooks.

Hell, I'm just pissed to see tons of BETTER movies getting the shaft. Drive, Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, 50/50 and even Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are all more worthy than The Help, War Horse and Extremely Loud/Incredibly Close.

Also surprised Tintin didn't get an animation nod. Best of the year by a long mile.

At least Terrence Malick is getting some love. Really glad to see Tree of Life on there.

Blink_443434d ago

No Drive for best picture?!?!?


Crazay3434d ago

I never saw Drive nor do I know very it really that good?

Blink_443434d ago

Yes you have got to see it, and atleast more than once. It comes out on dvd in a week! I'm so excited!

JL3434d ago

The majority of people I typically talk to (that are reviewers, movie bloggers, etc) list Drive as their movie of the year. So, I was also surprised to see it not at least get a nom.

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