Jurassic Park 4 - What We Know and What We Hope to See

GameZone writes, "Steven Spielberg has cleared up his role in the film, but with much left to be discussed, we give our thoughts on what we'd like from the new Jurassic Park movie."

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3431d ago
aDDicteD3431d ago

yes very strong points there,, it's really hard to reboot because of the success of part 1. but still i really wanted to see a reboot on this one because if they will continue on the series knowing that part 3 was not good, it'll be just another quick walk in the park just like part 3.

alycakes3431d ago

You're right....they need to start again. I loved the first one...second was okay but not as good and then the third was awful....even if they don't reboot this 4th one needs to be done really really well.

gaden_malak3431d ago

You can definitely make it grittier. Just follow the book.

iceman29293430d ago

Oh man. I can't wait. I don't care about how bad the third one was. I love JURASSIC PARK.