Has The Most Mind-Blowing Of Possible Avengers Cameos Been Revealed?

Bleeding Cool says

Just this Friday night I watched An American Werewolf in London with somebody who had never seen it before, and it was her first exposure of any kind to Jenny Agutter, aside from all of the fuss made over her in the first season of Coupling.

I forgot to ask if Agutter had lived up to the hype.

Next summer, there’s going to be mass Agutter exposure for swathes of geekdom as she makes an appearance in The Avengers. She hasn’t said much about her role, but there’s a new interview with her in The Radio Times and, despite the usual “sworn to secrecy disclaimers” she may have spilled a surprise so huge I can’t really fathom the odds of it being true.

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MinimeJer053433d ago

That would be AWESOME if the rumor comes up as true.

Crazay3432d ago

It would be pretty cool to see a cameo like that...Even if it's completely fleeting and last for all of 10 seconds.

3432d ago
gaden_malak3432d ago

Would be awesome, but I really doubt it. I think someone made a mistake.

Lord_Sloth3431d ago

Maybe it's Scarlet Spider as a way around the legal loophole? Then again, Rockstar asked Sony's permission to make GTA4 Multi-plat out of respect and Sony told them to go for it.