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Will The Dark Knight Rises Meet Your Expectations?

Matt of We Got This Covered wrote, "Before you start yelling blasphemy, allow me to explain. I am in no way doubting Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy or anyone else involved with The Dark Knight Rises. I fully believe that this film will be huge, massive, gigantic and any other synonym that would be apt to use. I fully believe that it will make over $1 billion dollars and I fully believe that it will have the impact that everyone is expecting it will have. I also fully believe that it will be an exceptionally well done film that will leave most moviegoers with their most memorable theatre experience of 2012. I really do fully believe all of that."

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TheHip143436d ago

No way Bane can be a better villain than Joker

Wick3435d ago

I don't think Bane will top the Joker either. I'm less excited for this release.

Lord_Sloth3435d ago

Yes, because they're pretty low to begin with. I didn't care much for the 1st 2 films.