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EoN: Dexter Season 6 Review - How the Mighty Have Fallen

A review on the latest season of Dexter that talks in-depth about how much of a disappointment it really turned out to be.

However, it does point out what there is to look forward to in Season 7.

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alycakes3435d ago

Can't wait for 6 to come out so I can watch it. I kinda know what has happened but I want to see every episode. I don't care about critics just about what I like or don't like.

Kur03435d ago

I just want Deb dead. She is ruining the series.

Andronix3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Having watched the whole season I think it is a great write up that comments on all the major aspects of the programme and understands them.

I did enjoy watching it but it did seem that the programme was quick to forget the loose ends of the last series. For example Quinn was like a mad zealot in his desire to catch Dexter out which led to his hired help getting murdered. Yet this series his feelings about Dexter seem to be all forgotton.

I to thought the religious theme with the Doomsday Killers and Brother Sam was a great one. Dexter came face to face with religion as delivered by other serial killers and by a new friend who discovered redemption. It seemed he made so much emotional progress, his friend wanted him to make so much progress but it was all thrown away in minute.

But my biggest gripe was not the very last scene. What made this season overwritten and seem like it was desperate for ideas was Debra and the idea put into her head by her psychiatrist. Nasty and unrealistic. But sadly this emotional revelation is likely to be developed next season. Then Dexter will have truly JUMPED THE SHARK.

IWentBrokeForGaming3434d ago

I don't feel the Deb stuff is overwritten... these feelings/emotions have been seen throughout the entire series... it's just gaining more ground now! I personally think it all makes sense...

artanisrlz3435d ago

2/5?!? This season was at least 4/5, was an excellent season, couldnt wait to watch next episode. Must watch for all dexter fans IMO.

IWentBrokeForGaming3434d ago

I personally thought season 5 with the self help dude was the weakest of them all... but Lithgows season was by far the most epic to me!

I heard the writers for Dexter only signed for 2 more seasons? if so... I see more of what is going on with Dexter now in the series!

The dude is getting burnt out and is wanting to go "normal" thus him getting sloppy with what he has otherwise been so good at... it's him focusing more on the "norm" than "his norm"