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The Playlist Review: 'The Words'

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A combination of shopworn literary clichés combined with an “Inception”-worthy daisy chain of White People Problems, “The Words” fails to surpass dramatically the bland lack of specificity in its title while still offering a solid roundup of performances from its talented ensemble cast. Brian Klugman and Lee Bernthal, who received story credit for “TRON: Legacy” (a film I liked a lot), wrote and directed this flashback-laden tale of a novelist coming to terms with his life and work by writing a book about a novelist coming to terms with his life and work.

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alycakes3432d ago

I saw some previews to this a while back and to be honest I have to say that even the previews were boring. I know I wouldn't pay to see this movie. I might watch it at home if it came out on tv and there was nothing else on and then again I probably would just find something better to do with my time.