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Rumor: Young Clark Kent And Lana Lang Cast In 'Man Of Steel'

There are some unconfirmed reports coming out that Zack Snyder has cast a younger version of Clark Kent and his high school girlfriend Lana Lang for Man of Steel. The kids that have been cast are to play 13 year old versions of the characters. As usual our friends at The Man of Steel Facebook Page have the low down on whats going on. They are reporting that the two kids are named Dylan Sprayberry(young Clark) and Jadin Gould(young Lana). They also show that the kids were in Chicago at the same time when Man of Steel was shooting there in September.

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alycakes3430d ago

This is probably more than a rumor...I mean most of the time they will show them as children when they make the origin of a character and I think they are going to just redo Superman from his beginning just as they are doing Spiderman.

cloud4953430d ago

It is a reboot like Batman Begins and The amazing Spiderman, so there is a high chance of an origin story.

DarkBlood3429d ago

so they are going the smallville route or was lana lang before lois lane or was lana lang actually in the comics that i dont know about because i havent actually read any

so it led me to believe some characters were made up in the smallville show