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Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films of All-Time

Impassioned Cinema writes:
I’ve been meaning to do this feature for a while and given that movie news has been a little on the slow side lately, this is the perfect time.

For those unaware of Studio Ghibli, it’s a Japanese Production studio that makes incredible Animated Movies. Headed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, the films Studio Ghibli creates are not just gifts for Japan, but for the world.

Disclaimer: I would consider myself ‘Otaku’ and may like these movies more than normal. Also, according to the Wiki article on Studio Ghibli, ‘Naussica of the Valley of the Wind’ should not be included and ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ should. Needless to say I only followed that list loosely.

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RememberThe3573432d ago

I think I'd move the movies around a bit. But damn Gibli makes some great movies. The best animation studio out there right now.

Grave of the Fireflys shook me when I first saw it. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever saw. It would definitely any list of mine.

MidnytRain3432d ago

I'm now a fan, too. I've always loved Spirited Away (see my profile), which pulled me to buy Ponyo on Blu-Ray (SWEET). Don't they have a newer one?

RememberThe3573432d ago

They have a new one coming out this year I think. As usual Disney is putting it out but from the trailer the dub sounded great (again, as usual).

I've been a Gibli fan for a long time, I remember watching Totoro when I was a kid before Disney redubed it. The only film I haven't seen is Porco Rosso, and I'm dying to see it.

impsndcnma3430d ago

The new film by Studio Ghibli 'Secret World of Arrietty' comes out in February. I've seen the Japanese release of it and its a great little film.

Getowned3432d ago

I'm not a fan of Grave of the Fireflys.It didn't make me sad in any way at all it kinda of made me angry.He has no idea how to take care of anyone and made all the wrong choices,and He should of got a job and stayed with his aunt until he could move on.He had no right to take care of that little girl and well we all know what happend.I thought it was worth watching once but it wasn't as good as all the hype around it.Spirited Away however I really enjoyed.The rest of their movies are great.

I really like the Top three picks.

impsndcnma3430d ago

I'm always interested to see how others would rank the films.

JL3432d ago

I have to admit I've never seen any Ghibli movies. I really should fix that. At least give a couple of the more commonly mentioned ones a shot (like Spirited Away or Grave of the Fireflies).

LettingGo3432d ago

Just thinking about Spirited Away or Grave of the Fireflies makes me cry. Absolutely brilliant.

BlackPrince 423432d ago

I'm a watcher of anime but I've never been able to get into Studio Ghibli films. I have no idea why, they just never seem to be all that entertaining to me. It's off putting because all I hear are good things.

Kos-Mos3432d ago

You're probably a naruto geek.
Nuff' said.

BlackPrince 423431d ago

Being a fanboy for something that's generally perceived as being good still makes you a fanboy. The difference between you and a Naruto nut is more contextual than substantive.

Oh and I revile Naruto.

3425d ago