LRA: War Horse - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Steven Spielberg has been busy this past year, very busy. He has produced more films and television shows than I care to count but it is when he sits in that director's chair when I truly start to pay attention. It has been 3 years since we last got a film from him as a director and even longer if you want to consider the quality of the films he directed. Then for some reason he decided to drop two films on us at once, The Adventures of Tintin which is a fun adventure in the vain of his Indiana Jones films and War Horse, a sort of throw back to some of the more dramatic fare he gave us back in the mid to late 80s. While Tintin was a huge success in my opinion and provided me with a fine mix of nostalgia and new elements, War Horse was able to capture the look and feel of those other Spielberg classics but it just wasn't able to be quite as sincere about what it wanted to do.

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