Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Set To Hit On February 9th?

Ramascreen - Rama’s SCREEN reader Matt Schmieding, who worked in the industry, informed me via twitter that at their recent meeting with Sony last week, they said that the new trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN would hit the web on February 9th, 2012..and then the trailer MIGHT be attached to WB’s 3D flick JOURNEY 2 THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND which opens that Feb. 10 weekend. The trailer MIGHT also play in front of Sony’s Screen Gems’ romantic drama THE VOW which opens on that same weekend.

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ReelKid3912d ago

good! I want to see more of this film!
still quite worried about it though...

aDDicteD3910d ago

cant wait for it, hope they show more on that trailer