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25 Things to Know About Resident Evil:Retribution From Collider's Set Visit

Collider - Collider visits the set of Resident Evil: Retribution and spill the goods on what to expect from the upcoming action/horror film.

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pomoluese3439d ago

"Milla Jovovich (Alice) has two big fight scenes in the film and one is over ten minutes. Of course that could change in editing"

It will really be a 30 minutes fight scene ones they slow it down.

alycakes3438d ago

I love watching her fight scenes even when they slow them down. Her and Kate Beckensale in Underworld can really do some neat fight tricks or their stunt doubles but I think they do a lot of them.

pomoluese3438d ago

Yeah, but that scene in the last one with the Axe Man wast a bit too slow for my taste.