Best Modern Black & White Movies

The Artist isn't the only great contemporary film to go old school.

With the silent movie love letter The Artist winning a slew of major awards (including at last weekend's Golden Globes), we thought it appropriate to spotlight other contemporary movies shot in old school black & white. Shooting in black & white can be either pretentious or simply cool, and the films cited below can fall in either category, but they're all still worth checking out. Here's our list (in no particular order).

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alycakes3912d ago

This list is pretty good. I seen some of these and they are very good movies.

drdistracto7073910d ago

Good picks! The Man Who Wasn't There is one of the best (I'm talking all-time)

alycakes3910d ago

That one was great and Sin City and Young Frankenstein too. Almost all were good but some were kind of depressing.