No Miss Moneypenny in Skyfall

Naomie Harris says it's time to put those rumors to bed, Mr. Bond.

Naomie Harris says she will not be playing Miss Moneypenny in the new Bond film Skyfall.

MI-6 points out this interview with Harris and her fellow Bond girl Berenice Marlohe wherein she shot down the notion that her field agent character Eve somehow later becomes Miss Moneypenny, M's chief assistant.

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alycakes3912d ago

Well now that we know this I wonder what else is inbetween the lines with the Bond film. I thought this might be a rumor but I didn't worry too much about it. I do know they wouldn't make one without a Miss Moneypenny so we will wait and see.

iceman29293910d ago

Regardless, can't wait... I always look forward to a new bond. I always wished moneypenny and bond would get together.

alycakes3910d ago

I've always thought that....maybe if Bond ever decides to retire they'll get him together with Moneypenny.