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The Playlist Review: Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire' Has Style, Smarts & Kicks To The Face

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At the AFI Festival L.A. "Secret Screening" -- blown, and blown up, several hours before as the world premiere of Steven Soderbergh's action-thriller "Haywire" -- the director explained how he found leading lady Gina Carano. He'd just been fired off a film -- "Which happens," he dryly noted -- and he was watching mixed martial arts on TV and saw Gina Carano in action and was struck by a thought: "She's a natural beauty and she beats people up in a cage; how could you not build a movie around her?"

Let it be noted that one of the reasons to love Soderbergh is that he is, like Scorsese or Spielberg, a moviemaker in love with movies; if, on occasion, he loves more well than wisely, then, let us accept that as part of the package deal you get and move on. "Haywire" will annoy purists who think Soderbergh's lost his artistic side in the name of another shot-on-video experiment like "The Girlfriend Experience" that casts a non-actor actor in a lead role in the name of something more interesting than mere smooth, competent performance in the service of smooth, competent filmmaking.

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alycakes3903d ago

This is one that I'm wanting to see on the big screen...action films shouldn't be seen on small screens at home...they loose a lot on the small screen.....not to mention the sound.

That means I have to get Underworld and Haywire in this week somehow....I did however get lucky this year and get some movie theater gift cards for Christmas so it won't cost as much.

Johnny Jiron3902d ago

Haywire was brutal as hell when the fists were flying. However, this is Soderbergh, so there was a lot of lingering moments and long drawn out shots. I love his film style and his eye for great looking shots, but I wish for this one he would've just went a bit more toward the adrenaline side of things. Watching Carano act was a bit painful, but watching her bring the real pain was quite a blast.

alycakes3902d ago

You are so on the money with your report on this. When I left the theater today I was thinking the same thing. I loved the action scenes and the story line was goood but it did seem to drag in places. I also feel like it was very obvious that she could have used a little more time to work on her acting skills. It's so funny that you said all that because we were talking afterwards and saying the same thing.