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Puncture Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeff of We Got This Covered wrote, "Puncture is one of those stories of two people attempting to overcome insurmountable odds in an attempt to do the right thing. Even though things look bad for them throughout, do they ever give up? Of course not. There wouldn’t be much of a movie here if they did. Films like this tend to have you rooting for the underdog from the very start, and when done really well, you start to care about more than just their cause, you begin to care about what happens to the characters themselves. Puncture manages to achieve the former, but unfortunately, not the latter."

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alycakes3903d ago

Did this movie go straight to dvd? I wanted to see this movie but I don't remember it ever coming to the theaters here. It's one of those side movies that Chris Evans did that just looked so good and I knew I would enjoy watching it.

MinimeJer053902d ago

No, it had a very limited release in theaters.