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The Daily Rotation - The Grey Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Advertised as another Liam Neeson action film, The Grey is something else entirely. It’s an emotional survival film about a man who’s slipped into the grey area of life and builds up enough courage to face his fears and defeat this life defining obstacle that’s thrown in front of him. Liam Neeson lets out a much more vulnerable side of him that I didn’t know still existed among all of his recent action films like Taken and Unknown. Director Joe Carnahan captures the cold and lifeless scenery of the wilderness with lots of extended shots of the snowy abyss. The Grey took me by surprise and I’m glad it did. Some might be disappointed with the misleading marketing, but if you’re looking for a powerful story about the human drive to live then look no further."

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SRC3903d ago

I've wanted to see it since I saw the first trailer, this just makes me want to see it more.

cody2oo3903d ago

I was expecting neeson dominating wolves and finding his way out without a real problem where you know he makes it out.

I WAS WRONG! It's Neeson semi-dominating wolves while being an emotional character I wanted to see get through it all. He also lets out the occasional line you can't help but laugh. The camera work and extended shots were beautiful! I'd say most visceral plane crash I've ever seen in a movie!